AI in Retail

2-3 times faster sales gain through AI

Retailers have to continually and responsibly reset the business to thrive in a world that’s changing fast. From consumer behaviors and market trends to competitive dynamics and the economic outlook, today’s reality is unlikely to be tomorrow’s. This is the nature of post-pandemic retail. And it will be from now on. While retailers are swimming in data that can help them make sense of this complex landscape, functional silos and a lack of strong data governance make it difficult to get enterprisewide data insights. To address the problem, retail leaders typically focus on migration to the cloud and data governance and management. But this is only part of the solution. With AI-driven strategies in place, retailers are closer to unleashing data as a strategic asset to improve customer experience, innovation, operations and growth. It’s how retailers can connect business functions around a shared understanding of data to eliminate insight gaps. It’s how they can empower their people to make data-driven decisions. And it’s how they can realize business outcomes.