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Application Engineering Services

Digital Journey of any organization is focused on enhancing customer experience and business agility. Our Application Engineering Services are primarily centred around this ethos and ensure that these are met through our Application Transformation & Modernization Services and Application Development Services.

Application Transformation and Modernization:

Enterprises that are transforming into digital are facing challenges in maintaining their legacy business applications and keeping pace with needed business agility. Through this service we help transform applications and make them cloud / digital ready. We achieve this through 5 modernization treatments and the choice depends on the business criticality, Application business outlook, application architecture, maintenance cost, etc.

  • Rehost - Application that are cloud ready and can be hosted in cloud without any change
  • Re-platform – Application that needs some platform level changes like O/S, version upgrades etc to move them to cloud
  • Refactor – Some components of the application needs to be refactored to host them on cloud
  • Re-Architecture – Rearchitect the business application that have accumulated the IP of the business. They needs to be rebuilt using NextGen architectures
  • Retire – Retire the applications that have overlapping functionalities. Applications which are not business critical and needs lot of effort to move to cloud are good candidates for retirement.

Our partner network and our expertise with public cloud provider tools along with expertise in delivering similar services help us achieve this much faster and with better quality.

Application Development Services:

Organizations that are undergoing digital transformation, develop new applications / apps using agile methodologies employing new age digital principles like CloudFirst, MobileFirst, APIFirst and DataFirst. reference architectures, frameworks and design patterns help in building such applications at a much faster rate with focus on User Experience, Integration, Scalability, Performance and Security.

Unified Customer experience is key for digital applications. Our Services help customers in developing web and mobile applications using leading frameworks. Based on the business need, enterprise architecture and digital platform, we recommend and develop either Native or hybrid or progressive apps with focus on reuse of code across the web and hybrid mobile apps.

Microservices Applications / Development is key to modernize IT legacy systems and also develop new age applications / integrations in an independent and secure way. Our services help you in selecting the best-in-class framework, using state of the art tools and technologies to build faster and maximize ROI on your cloud microservices deployments.

Cloud Native Applications: Our Services help organization build, run and operate cloud-native apps without the fear of vendor lock-in. Our cloud native architecture designs and pattern enable you to build applications with open standards for interoperability, Dynamic Orchestration and without compromising on either security or quality.

Integration Services: As systems and applications continue to build up for digital economy and modernize, IT ecosystem become heterogeneous and complex. Digital Integration is key for delivering connected digital experiences and providing 360 degree view of the business in a seamless manner for customers, partners and employees. Through our services, domain expertise and thought leadership help you architect, design and build digital integration platforms with advanced messaging protocols, API / Microservices Management, Cloud Integration, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management. We enable new, synchronized models of collaboration and efficiency.

DevOps: Our Services help in setting up DevOps on Cloud (Azure, AWS, any public cloud) or any data centre automating the continuous integration and delivery pipelines. Our accelerators and expertise helps you in bringing up DevOps environments in hours rather in days and weeks.

Application Management Services

BlueCloud provides end to end application management services that include application monitoring and performance management, application maintenance and support, application enhancements and application optimization.

Application Monitoring and Performance Management

Managing existing applications and ensuring they are operated without any issues is key for any organizations business. Our services ensure that your applications run continuously without any failures and we guarantee the agreed SLAs. We provide helpdesk support, incident management, problem management and service management to ensure faster issue resolution.

Application Maintenance and Support

Managing existing applications and ensuring they are operated without any issues is key for any organizations business. Our services ensure that your applications run continuously without any failures and we guarantee the agreed SLAs. We provide helpdesk support, incident management, problem management and service management to ensure faster issue resolution.

Application Enhancements

Our Services help you in managing requests for minor and substantial application changes, as well as assist with releasing developed / updated applications in production. While deploying new versions into production, we ensure appropriate change management is adhered and there’s no compromise on quality.

Application Optimization

Applications acquire technical debt over a period and we track technical debt and address the debt in timely fashion thus reducing production issues proactively and also increasing maintainability of the code.

We ensure applications always stay current with changing (a) business needs and goals – by continuously conducting review of application and relevant business processes and making necessary changes to applications, introducing automation and restricting processes (b) technology needs and goals – by continuously evaluating technology stack (including frameworks) and porting applications to new or upgraded platforms / frameworks / versions.

Enterprise Application Services

Organizations are banking on enterprise application services like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for accelerating their Business Transformation and meet the demands of new age consumers. These suite of apps not only help modernize your enterprise by providing best-in-class processes but also simplify the use of data and intelligence at every step of your business.

Through our strategic partnership with Salesforce and D365, our proprietary methodology, our certified industry experts and experience working with leading enterprises, we provide end to end services including consulting services, implementation services, deployment and configuration services, custom development services, migration services, integration services and managed services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

We understand our clients business needs to thrive in the digital era and market demands to scale at an ever increasing pace. So, we provide end to end services across all modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – CRM & ERP leveraging our deep expertise, tools and accelerators to achieve operational efficiencies, improve customer experience, deliver insights and lower TCO.

Salesforce has strong partnership with and Salesforce eco-system partners like Vlocity, etc., which enables us to bring all the latest innovations to our clients. We work closely with our clients in building solutions, integrating Salesforce with other ERP / Legacy systems, developing mobile apps and accelerators that decrease time to market and help de-risk their investments. We have encapsulated our experience and developed test automation framework and regression test suite for most of the Salesforce modules.

Digital Assurance and Testing Services

As part of digital transformation journey, all enterprises are adopting agile methodologies to move their on-premise workloads and applications into Cloud, develop APIs / Microservices, develop unified user experience / progressive / mobile apps, develop intelligent analytics on data gathered, extracted and transformed, leverage enterprise applications, etc at faster time to market and with high quality. So, testing becomes an integral aspect at each and every step of Digital Transformation.

Many organizations are also facing huge challenges in adhering to Cloud-specific compliance and regulatory requirements, security & privacy requirements, performance requirements and user experience requirements. So, all this coupled with agile & DevOps methodologies has forced a paradigm shift in the way testing is done in digital world calls and testing team has to align their skills and expertise as per this new norm.

As the number of releases and need for quality products is exponentially increasing, testing is more and more employing ‘shift-left’ approach but at the same time, to garner faster feedback, ‘Shift-Right’ approach is also employed. Test Automation becomes critical and central part in both these approaches. At, we support all flavours of agile testing and beyond including MDD, BDD and TDD.

Our Services cater to length and breadth of digital assurance and testing needs. We provide test advisory services to assess your needs, maturity and processes and provide a roadmap to deliver to your vision, goals and objectives. Our other services include: Test Automation, Performance Testing, Mobile Testing, API Testing, Enterprise Apps (Salesforce and D365) Testing, Security Testing, Cloud Testing, Interoperability Testing, Usability Testing, A/B Testing covering both functional and non-functional aspects at unit level, system level, integration level, regression level, process level and end to end flow level. Our expert team integrates every single test type to the agile and DevOps methodologies.

At, we have invested in our proprietary test automation framework BEAT ( Enterprise Automation for Testing) to jump start and speed up test automation projects. Added to this, we also have partnerships with leading and nextgen testing tool providers to cater to all our client needs.