Our Vision, Mission & Values


A global leader in cloud solutions with exceptional focus on Innovation, Customer Service and Employee Engagement
  • Exceed our customers’ expectation in terms of Quality, Speed and Cost
  • Develop simple and innovative solutions to address customers’ needs
  • Empower our biggest asset: our employees
C3 Values
  • C - Care for Customers & BlueStars
  • C - Open Culture
  • C - Continuous Learning & Innovation
Our firm’s name says a lot. Simply put, BlueCloud enables enterprises to transform to cloud. As a Cloud-Only / Cloud-Forward transformation company, we help organizations to enable and speed their journey to cloud.

Bluenet was founded in 2004 within the Data & Analytics space and has constantly evolved. Now, BlueCloud recognizes the cloud-only nature of our digital transformation company that specializes solely in implementing leading cloud technologies and solutions for our clients.

BlueCloud’s innovative approaches and tailored solutions designed to meet our customers’ unique requirements are the core components of our service offerings. With a balanced view of strategy, people, process and technology, we work with companies to understand their specific business needs to develop and implement practical business strategies and technology solutions.

By leveraging our strategic partnerships with cloud superpowers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Snowflake & ThoughtSpot, BlueCloud continues to highlight the opportunity set at hand for cloud migration, often consulting on cloud strategies and subsequently performing the implementation. With our extensive experience in digital-focused services, BlueCloud is well-positioned to help our customers take advantage of the upcoming cloud-centric investment cycle.

Our History


BlueCloud is formed as "Cloud-Only" services provider with majority of the Bluenet employees and accounts unfolding into it


Unprecedented growth was driven by a once-in-an-era re-platforming for our customers in data science and analytics, enabled by cloud scale computing


Invested significantly in our partnerships with leading cloud providers and built teams with certified technical and sales experts who specialise in the most advanced and innovative technologies


Helped organizations transform to cloud with partnerships like GCP, Azure, Snowflake, ThoughtSpot and AWS


Started Global delivery center in Hyderabad, India


Increased investment in building Data Science, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, Robotic Process Automation and Testing capabilities.


Bluenet launches Off-Shore Development and Support Center in Turkey


Created a formalized Data & Analytics practice and Testing. Formalized training for practioners. Broadened client portfolio


Started Operations center in Vijayawada, India


Bluenet launches Customer Support center with 7/24 help desk


Arete is incorporated in Chicago providing technology services


IBM Partnership with extended capabilities in Data and Business Intelligence


Bluenet starts in Tampa providing BI & ERP consulting services