Cloud Operations

Transparency and Continuous Optimization at Scale

Cloud Service Design helps clients with Cloud Service Design based on their Cloud Strategy and Roadmap leveraging our predefined service blueprints. Our Blueprints are based on industry best practices and will have elements that are mandatory (like compliance, monitoring, logging, operational policies, etc) and elements that users can select.

By studying the cloud users need and their probable consumption patterns, we design services (in collaboration with clients IT team) that can be offered to users through a service catalog. The service catalog enables IT team to define (for each service) the areas of configuration, service tiers, service levels and what users can chose based on their role. This provides control to IT team and flexibility to users. Beyond the contents of the service catalog, service design also includes the design of the workflows and automation that is needed to support the needed provisioning for each of the services.

Cloud Ops and Support

Cloud strategy and adoption will deliver desired benefits only when cloud operations are streamlined and applications architecture appropriately aligned to cloud. through its experience and expertise on various toolsets and frameworks, will manage cloud operations and support activities in a uniform and consistent manner.

Our Ops services help you run day to day & enterprise operations, optimize cloud resources, automate cloud governance, eliminate skill based process and execution silos, improve delivery performance and manage cloud operations in a smooth way across multi / hybrid cloud environments driving standardization and efficiencies. We also, leverage our partner software and tools for continuous monitoring, event correlation, auto issue logging, auto escalation, automated resolution, Devops, DevSecOps, predictive analytics & dynamic dashboarding for providing nextgen centralized operations.

Our 24x7 support services ensure your cloud infrastructure is defined, setup and managed as per the strategy and roadmap with

  • 24X7 monitoring & administration
  • Server and OS management on cloud
  • Database design, implementation & operations
  • Storage & backup management
  • User and security management
  • Billing & chargeback
  • Consolidated SLA management and billing
  • LOB integration & orchestration
Cloud Security and Compliance

Security poses a major challenge to the widespread adoption of cloud computing. Cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure must be protected through a set of policies and controls to ensure regulatory compliance, protection of customer and sensitive data. Cloud security services are vital in authenticating user access to applications, devices, and networks. The growing sophistication of cloud threats has also made it imminent to have the right security provisions which can prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and account compromises. through its proprietary SPIRO methodology (Strategize, Plan, Implement, Run and Optimize) ensures your multi cloud environments and multi cloud solutions are completely secure in a holistic manner.

  • Strategize – Align Security Objectives with business and IT strategy
  • Plan – Assess risk, business, compliance and regulatory requirements and develop security strategy, roadmap and plan for both planned and in-flight cloud programs
  • Implement – End to end (360 degree) cloud security controls spanning across all areas like identity and access management, intrusion management, monitoring and responding to threats, event management, data leakage, data loss prevention, privacy protection, governance, web security, email security, network security, encryption, business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Run - Validate thoroughly cloud controls effectiveness, logging, monitoring and alerting capabilities, incident response plans and key risk indicator (KRI) reporting
  • Optimize – Continuously scale and optimize to reduce security exposure and risk

We also thrive to reduce costs, improve services and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Cloud Optimization and Management

Cloud adoption benefits can be increased by optimizing and managing cloud resources in a most effective way. Selecting and assigning appropriate resources to appropriate workloads / applications and ensuring that resources are not wasted in cloud is key for optimization. uses its proprietary methodology UCDO along with our partner Cloud Management Platforms for cloud optimization and management.

  • Understand – Organization Goals, get complete picture of how cloud services are currently used and understand current cloud costs
  • Contextualize – Gather context as to what’s happening in the cloud ecosystem like what data is coming in, what data is going out, what software licenses are being used, list all resources, etc
  • Decode – Garner full visibility and complete details into your cloud costs
  • Optimize – Track wastage, manage and optimize. Some of the techniques used are: Identify orphaned and idle resources to either consolidate or eliminate them. Utilize heat maps to identify and right size computing and storage resources. Leverage Reserved and Spot instances, where needed . Set budgets and cost alerts for various BUs by using tags. Use multi cloud instead of single cloud