Demand Forecasting & Supply Chain Management Tool

Our client is a leading multinational home appliance company operating in more than 150 countries

Demand forecasting is an essential part of Supply Chain Management. Our client needed to improve their demand forecasting model due to:

  • Low accuracy rates of the current model
  • Lack of service level differentiation across product categories and dealers
  • Lack of ability to incorporate push sales activities
  • Lack of data driven replenishment process
  • Lack of proper link between campaigns/new products and demand planning
  • Lack of visiblity & consensus between supply chain operations

To address the client’s requirements, our team

  • Built a tailored demand forecasting models with advanced analytics methods
  • Established an automated replenishment process
  • Refined the network models to optimize distribution
  • Enhanced visibility with a holistic tool to monitor KPIs and metrics
Tool Stack
  • Python, QlikSense, AWS



Production Planning Accuracy



Service Levels Met



Decrease in Inventory Days