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AI for Energy

Currently, the energy industry is at the edge of a big transformation.

With Artificial Intelligence expanding itself every day, energy sector has also not been left untouched by it. AI and energy sector are a perfect match to each other. AI thrives on data and the energy resources are flooded with huge chunk of data coming from power grids, wind-farm operations and even oil-companies. AI coupled with other technologies like cloud computing can process, stream, analyze and interpret this data precisely and with unimaginable speeds to make the energy sector more efficient and secure.
AI can be used to predict system overload or potential transformer breakdowns, thus giving an added layer of security to any disaster sort of mis-happening. Analyzing the available data and coupled with technologies like deep learning, AI can predict corrosion, cracks etc. which pose a threat to the system and can be a cause of future disasters. Suppliers can use AI to predict for demand in advance or check for problems to save resources wherever possible. They can therefore have optimal utilization of their resources, hence increasing efficiency.
AI can also enable users to save electricity and reduce their monthly bills. With AI enabled system, the networked devices can reduce power bills by reacting to prices on electricity market.