Strategic Management Consulting

Accelerate your Digital Transformation Outcomes

Eighty-seven percent of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority, yet only 40% of organizations have brought digital initiatives to scale. The gap between aspiration and achievement is widening for enterprises attempting digital business transformation.
67% of companies have missed expectations of profit growth from digital.
Path to Value and Vectors of Value drive your Digital Transformation

Technology is the catalyst to change your business model but it should not drive the way you transform or what you transform into! Strategic Transformation is about how your business model MUST evolve to fully embrace what technology can do today for your customers, employees, owners, and government entities. BlueCloud’s Strategic Management Consulting (SMC) Practice can help keep it focused and explain the transformation to everyone.

A successful strategic business transformation starts with your ability to see your business in the future, how you enable it with technology, how your customers seamlessly navigate your front and back office, how you innovate, how you deliver your products and services, how your employees feel empowered, and how you teach your team members new skills. Our SMC builds transformation sustainability directly into achieving your strategic business target state with specified goals so you can continue to deliver years into the future with or without us. We do this because we know that transformation efforts fail 73% of the time. Transformation efforts targeting quality improvement fail 93% of the time.

Our experience and approach are designed to engage your employees and identify work that can stop, start and wait. We build a Path to Value with input from across your company and identify small but additive efforts addressing your Vectors of Value that build momentum. We help structure, breakdown, prioritize, and justify investments required, the skills needed, roles and responsibilities impacted, and even new organizational designs with reporting relationships when needed.

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Strategic Management Consulting


CEOs are driving
digital transformation programs


companies are less than halfway through business
model change despite
2+ years of effort


CAGR for Digital
Transformation Market


Billion by 2025