Data Engineering & Analytics

Key driver of business strategy for a true digital organization

Data Warehousing & Data Lakes

A combination of data warehouses and data lakes support an increasingly complex, diverse and distributed workloads. Data is now a key business asset, and it’s revolutionizing the way companies operate.

Cloud warehouses and lakes help organizations focus on running their business (rather than running servers) and deliver faster and better insights due to improved access, faster time to roll out, scalability and performance. Gartner found organizations that incorporate modern data lakes and warehouses will support 30% more use cases than competitors.

At, we help organizations to modernize data platforms by architecting the capture, transformation and storage of the right data. We will transition your legacy data warehouse or build a new data warehouse on cloud to be a highly scalable, performant, agile and cost-effective platform.

Data Analytics

HBS predicts that 71 percent of global enterprises will accelerate their investment in analytics. A company’s ability to compete will increasingly be driven by how well it can leverage data, apply analytics and implement new technologies. The process of making data accessible enterprise-wide by true AI-driven self-service analytics is transforming companies, creating new opportunities and unlocking the value embedded within organizations.

At, we help organizations deliver insights through effective storytelling, visual design and provide the ability to all enterprise users to find and create insights without long training or relying on experts.

Data Science (ML & AI)

Today we see virtually every aspect of data management, analytic content, application development, and sharing of insights incorporate AI & ML techniques. These are used to automate or augment manual tasks, analytic processes and human insight to action for a range of user roles.

Our service offering is designed to help firms go beyond simple forensics by establishing a more goal-oriented, forward-thinking approach from the very start. By breaking away from conventional applications and opening up your strategy, you can truly explore new revenue, profit, and cost reduction opportunities to transform your business. With our deep AI and ML experts we can help identify, maximize and scale business opportunities for our customers.

Data Quality & Governance

For a successful digital transformation that leverages data assets, it is imperative to govern the data. Trusted information should be used for critical business processes and decision making for better business results. Collecting and storing data, especially personal data, brings serious legal and regulatory obligations. Every organization should implement data ownership, privacy and security into their data strategy.

Our experts possess deep expertise in implementing industry-leading technologies for components such as Metadata & Data Quality Management, data policy creation and operationalization, and Data Lineage. Our practitioners help our customers effectively govern, sustain and improve the quality of enterprise data.