Churn, Upsell, Cross-sell Prediction

Our client is a leading automotive retailer, car rental, sharing and service company operating in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.
  • As in any retail business, knowing your customer is essential to expand your business.
  • Our client needs to predict the customers who will likely stop using their services. This will prevent the loss of business and the cost of replacing these customers.
  • Our client also needs to identify the potential customers for cross-selling and upselling to get the best value from their existing relationship.

To address the client’s needs our team developed prediction models by following the below steps:

  • Data preparation and exploratory data analysis
  • Predictive modelling for churn, cross-sell and upsell
  • Model evaluation and dashboard design for visualization
  • Our team also helped client to design marketing campaigns for potential churn customers, and to improve sales processes to promote upsell and cross sell opportunities
Tool Stack
  • Python, PowerBI
Up to



Retention of churn customers

Up to



Increase in turnover



Automation for cross-sell and upsell offers