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BlueCloud Launches Integrated ML and Generative AI Solutions for Marketers, Built on the Snowflake Data Cloud
 Tuesday December 12, 2023
BlueCausal and BlueInsights, Powered by Snowflake, provide advanced machine-learning algorithms and a chat feature for seamless ad campaign optimization
BlueCloud Launches Integrated ML and Generative AI Solutions for Marketers, Built on the Snowflake Data Cloud

BlueCloud, a digital transformation company and global leader in data-driven solutions, today announced the launch of BlueCasual and BlueInsights, both Powered by Snowflake, that will enable non-technical business users to measure media campaigns with the sophistication of a data scientist. The solutions include causal inference machine learning (ML) and a generative AI (LLM) chat feature, providing easily digestible data to marketers and other non-technical users.

According to Gartner®, “nearly 63 percent of marketing leaders plan to invest in GenAI in the next 24 months ... Complexity of the current ecosystem, customer data challenges and inflexible governance were identified by survey respondents as the most common impediments to greater utilization of their martech stack”.[1] The modern martech stack is helping to change this by leveraging advanced yet streamlined solutions such as Snowflake as its foundation, delivering a single source of truth within a secure environment.

“The vast majority of marketers aren’t using data and analytics to determine campaign ROI because advanced insights are still interpreted by engineering and analyst teams,” said Kerem Koca, CEO and Co-founder of BlueCloud. “BlueCausal and BlueInsights streamline the entire process for non-technical users and allow IT teams to deliver greater returns to their stakeholders at scale.”

BlueCausal is a cutting-edge accelerator tool that leverages the Snowflake Data Cloud and an advanced ML model developed by the BlueCloud team. It provides a more comprehensive perspective on ad performance and reveals statistical insights about campaigns by leveraging first-party, third-party, and operational data. BlueCausal enables precise measurement of impact on sales, incorporates confounding variables, and analyzes the response of effect variables to optimize campaigns effectively. Combining internal operational and revenue data with external data in Snowflake offers valuable insights to advertisers, marking a significant advancement in ad campaigns.

BlueInsights complements BlueCausal to help non-technical users uncover data insights, comprehend complex statistical information, and take action through a simple chat interface. This generative AI solution ensures that those unfamiliar with data science or advertising jargon can easily leverage advanced machine learning models to improve business outcomes.

“Ad optimization is more than just understanding data,” commented Dwarak Sri, Global Head of AI at BlueCloud. “It's about leveraging the right tools to predict, analyze, and make decisions that amplify ROI. Causal inference and LLMs are helpful in understanding and actioning on media measurement, and Snowflake has been an instrumental platform to build out these models.

Snowflake’s single, integrated platform is the ideal place to build and run modern data applications, allowing customers to more quickly and seamlessly unlock data for business value. Applications that are Powered by Snowflake benefit from accelerated time to market, deliver a better customer experience, and improve operational efficiency by leveraging the speed, scale, and performance of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

“At Snowflake, we are transforming the way businesses measure the effectiveness and ROI of their marketing investments with the help of Elite Service Partners like BlueCloud,” said James Warner, Field CTO of Advertising and Marketing at Snowflake. “AI and LLMs are reshaping the data landscape, and with new solutions, like BlueCausal and BlueInsights, we are better positioned to help our customers reap the benefits of AI/ML more easily and effectively.”

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[1] Gartner Press Release, Gartner Survey Finds 63% of Marketing Leaders Plan to Invest in Generative AI in the Next 24 Months, August 23, 2023, GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved