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BlueCloud Announces Major Expansion in Gen-AI with a Specialized 40-Member Team to Drive Innovation Across Multiple Industries
 Monday January 08, 2024
BlueCloud Announces Major Expansion in Gen-AI with a Specialized 40-Member Team to Drive Innovation Across Multiple Industries

BlueCloud, a global leader in delivering innovative, data-driven solutions today announced a significant expansion in its commitment to innovation. The company has formalized a specialized practice, assembling a team of over 40 top-tier professionals from diverse backgrounds including data science, machine learning, software engineering, application development, and operational excellence. This move solidifies BlueCloud's position at the forefront of GenAI technology and innovation.

"Our vision at BlueCloud has always been to stay ahead of the curve and deliver value to our Customers and Partners. This expansion is a testament to our dedication to bringing the best of GenAI to our clients," said Kerem Koca, CEO of BlueCloud. "With our team's unparalleled expertise in areas like Marketing, Software Development, Inventory Management, Financial Services, Healthcare, IoT and more, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value to our diverse customer base."

The new team, boasting domain experts across multiple core competencies, aims to spearhead innovation and value creation for BlueCloud's extensive customer base, which ranges from mid-market to Fortune 100 companies. This initiative marks a significant stride in BlueCloud's journey, leveraging the market opportunities identified by Bill Tennant, CRO and Dwarak Sri, Global Head of Gen-AI Strategy and initiated with the recent launch of advanced Machine Learning models (BlueCausal) coupled with Large Language Models (BlueInsights) across structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in collaboration with Snowflake.

"Our focus is on identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities that provide immediate value to our customers, while building on what they will need in the future through an efficient delivery mechanism. The creation of this team, combining Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, DevOps, and Application Development teams - amongst many others - under this new initiative is a game-changer for how our customers will deliver 'needle-moving' results through technology," remarked Bill Tennant, CRO of BlueCloud.

The unique Borderless team will be led by Dwarak Sri, as our Global Head of Gen-AI Strategy and Oytun Yilmaz, PhD as Global Head of Gen-AI Technology, who are both renowned as some of the most talented experts in their field. This collaboration is set to foster a holistic approach to innovation and delivery, ensuring the successful progression from ideation and experimentation to production use cases that resonate with the needs of BlueCloud's loyal customer base.

BlueCloud's partnership with industry giants like Snowflake further enhances its ability to deliver top-tier GenAI solutions. This expansion is more than just an addition of resources; it represents BlueCloud's commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation through technology.

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