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Case Study

Digital Business Transformation


U.S. based Fortune 300 global industrial distribution and inventory management services company with 15,000 employees, 330 branches, 19 distribution enters, 41 regional contact centers, serving 3 million customers. Annual revenues are $10 billion, 41% online.

Fortune 300 global industrial distribution and inventory management services company
  • Client’s flagship digital business suffered decreasing sales due to poor understanding of roles, bad organizational alignment and inadequate reward structures that negatively impacted customer service speed to resolution related to system failures, poor quality of code and lack of compelling business model changes to differentiate from phone order or website order placement at competing firms.
  • Custom built platform was monolithic, difficult enhance, not easy to use, not automated with the existing business areas (manual handoffs) and slow.
    • Undocumented capabilities, multiple programming languages, poorly patched, not aligned with business goals, misaligned with customer journeys, no supporting technical or business architecture.
  • The client was not able to reach online revenue growth targets of 20% annual growth in Digital Business.
  • Created Portfolio of existing projects and compared against strategic revenue goals and aligned projects to goals.
  • Prepared and socialized business cases with business leaders to seek information on aligned and non-aligned projects to validate findings.
  • Recommended termination of non-aligned projects to reallocate resources to urgent and aligned projects
  • Helped leadership drive the sense of urgency across the enterprise.
  • Engaged department leaders to push out how the work would change.
  • Engaged project managers across the Portfolio to accelerate aligned efforts.
  • New digital business attracted 75% of usage before old organization was retired.
  • Improvements in speed, reliability and functionality increased NPS by 1.3 points
  • Number of search-to-sale clicks reduced from 11 to 3.
  • Digital marketing support adjustments drove increased sales by 25%.
  • Replaced struggling business model within 15 months and 2 months prior to launch of competitive alternative and eliminating the internal risk of exceeding capacity of struggling business model.