Forecasting Demand

Client is an automotive and industrial lubricants and auto care products company 
  • Lacking a forecasting mechanism for demand, capacity and production planning.
  • Outdated manual processes and methods must be replaced with advanced models and customizable criteria.
  • Low order fulfillment rate and an inability to provide consistent delivery result in customer service failures and lost revenue.
  • High costs associated with inventory storage.
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) and statistical models, provided a solution that intelligently produced accurate forecasts of demand, capacity and production planning
  • User-friendly dashboards to visualize important metrics
  • Continuous model improvement allowing for increased forecast accuracy over time
  • Model allows for reduction of inventory storage cost, increased demand-based sales and improved customer satisfaction/retention
Tool Stack
  • Azure, Synapse, SAS Viya, Power BI



Accuracy in Monthly Forecast



Increase in Forecast Accuracy