Demand Forecasting for LPG products company

Our client is a leading international Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) producer/distributor in terms of sales volume and market share.
  • High fluctuation in short term demand causing excess and shortage in the supply planning
  • Lack of a precise sales forecasting mechanism to plan short and long term supply of materials
  • Lack of a proper understanding of industry demand to help competitive strategy
  • Lack of automated data infrastructure and visualization platform for business insights
  • Built tailor-made AI-powered demand prediction models on the product, dealer, city and region level
  • Adjusted market prediction models to reflect the impact of external variables such as weather conditions, exchange rates, COVID-19 lock-down days, special days and holidays
  • Redesigned the data management process leveraging MS Azure
  • Designed a reporting and data management platform which enables actionable insights with appropriate KPIs
Tool Stack
  • Azure, Python, PowerBI



Demand Prediction Success



Market Prediction Success



Operational Efficiency