Case Study

Data Governance Program

Data Governance Program - Financial Industry

Bluenet partnered with a Global Financial Services Client to identify the origin of Critical Data Assets and to certify as “Authoritative Source”
Our client is a Financial Industry.
  • Multiple systems claiming to be authoritative source
  • Defining an agreed contextual business model.
  • Numerous legacy systems with limited documentation.
  • Cultural evolution to new policy standards
  • Identified the critical data assets and their origin.
  • Established a master data repository to certify as “Authoritative Source”
  • Defined ownership for critical data assets.
  • Defined data quality thresholds and implemented measurements for critical data assets .
  • Defined governance policies for ongoing maintenance of the “Authoritative Source”.
  • Established data lineage for all critical data assets.



Increased Data Ownership



Increased Data Lineage



Enhanced Risk & Regulatory Reporting