BlueCloud Hosts Annual Meeting in Istanbul
 Friday January 13, 2023

BlueCloud hosted its annual team meeting in Istanbul, creating a unique opportunity to meet with global leaders from the USA, India, and Turkey. It was a wonderful experience to have everyone together in person and reinforced the value of face-to-face time for building relationships and teamwork.

One of the most exciting things about working at BlueCloud is the borderless delivery model. As more companies are exploring remote work and digital collaboration tools, BlueCloud is committed to building a truly global organization. BlueCloud ’s diverse and distributed team has been an incredible asset in helping deliver cutting-edge data analytics and engineering-as-a-service offerings, like BlueCloud Studio.

BlueCloud is different because we have a unique culture,” commented Koray Ozcubukcu, COO of BlueCloud . “We value our employees for who they are and what they do versus where they live. I believe that is unique in our industry.”

“The traction from an employee perspective is that there really is no difference between our employees in the US, our employees in Turkey, and our employees in India,” said Alexander Stacy, BlueCloud Director and Partner at Hudson Hill Capital. They’re all contributing equally and I think in ways that move our business and our customers forward in a positive way.”

Highlights and themes from the annual meeting include:

  • 2022 growth milestones
  • Borderless Delivery and global company culture
  • New BlueCloud Studio offering
  • Delivering quality client projects that are quick and cost-efficient