BlueCloud Announces Partnership with DataRobot
DataRobot’s Enterprise AI platform enhances BlueCloud’s delivery of rapid business insights and predictive analytics to clients
 Monday July 12, 2021
BlueCloud Expands AI Capability By Becoming a DataRobot Partner
BlueCloud, the cloud-only digital transformation company, today announced it has joined the DataRobot Technology Alliances Program. DataRobot’s enterprise augmented intelligence (AI) platform accelerates and democratizes data science by automating the end-to-end journey from data to value, allowing organizations to deploy AI applications at scale. In so doing, it drives value for customers through innovative integrations developed in collaboration between DataRobot and world-class technology companies. With this new relationship, BlueCloud expands the depth and breadth of delivering unprecedented business insights to clients.

“Organizations around the globe — including many Fortune 500 companies — benefit from DataRobot’s advanced AI solutions, and we’re excited to be leveraging their capabilities and expertise to further expand our analytics services,” said Kerem Koca, co-Founder and co-CEO of BlueCloud. “The new levels of insights and predictive capabilities we can achieve with DataRobot’s platform will help our customers realize maximum value from their data and harness the full power of modern AI and machine learning.”

DataRobot’s platform will enable BlueCloud to deliver new, advanced predictive insights that help solve customer problems, as well as additional value to various stakeholders including data scientists, business analysts, business executives and analytics leaders. Importantly, DataRobot integrates seamlessly with the Snowflake Data Cloud, the data warehouse of choice among many of BlueCloud's customers.

“The time for AI is now, and everyone knows it,” said Praveen Ramineni, co-Founder and co-CEO. “Historically, putting AI to work for your company effectively required having data scientists on-staff working hours upon hours to customize AI-driven solutions. DataRobot streamlines the process of developing customized AI solutions for customers, enabling us to provide even more insights and optimizations, faster. This is a big win for our Snowflake customers, in particular, as well as for clients leveraging other data cloud solutions such as Amazon, Microsoft and others.”